We want our customers to be satisfied with our business. In the event of problems with your product or order, please contact our customer service, regardless of any restrictions on the delivery terms. We will try our best to resolve any potential issues with a mutually acceptable solution, despite any restrictions on the delivery terms. 

General Terms and Conditions

beautyoffice.eu is a wholesale web store maintained by Vikira OY, where the products are sold either by Vikira OY (Reg. nr: 3120712-7, Aallonhalkoja 9 L 2, 00540, Helsinki) or by a third party specifically mentioned in the product description. The following terms and conditions apply to the commercial relationship between Vikira OY and its customers. Vikira OY brokered by a third party goods or services, in addition to the Finnish Trade Act defined terms and conditions of the service provider will apply. 

Vikira OY reserves the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time of ordering and appearing on beautyoffice.eu’s website. Unless otherwise provided by law, changes in this Act will be effective immediately. 

beautyoffice.eu shall not be liable for any damage resulting from force majeure. Force majeure shall mean an unforeseeable change in circumstances or circumstance beyond the control of Vikira OY and which Vikira OY cannot reasonably overcome. beautyoffice.eu is obliged to notify the Customer as soon as possible of the case of force majeure. 


beautyoffice.eu sells products and services in bulk to beauty salons, government and community customers, and beauty students who purchase merchandise for full-time professional use or study. beautyoffice.eu – Wholesale Online Store Personal and Wholesale Wholesale Prices are confidential information that is intended solely for the account holder. You agree to keep your account secret and not to disclose your account to a third party. You are solely responsible for all use of your username and for compliance with the terms of this Agreement. The safe and correct use of professional and professional products requires professional knowledge and training in their field. Vikira OY assumes no liability for product misuse or direct or indirect damage resulting from inadequate training. 

Unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions, the Trade Agreement between Customers and beautyoffice.eu shall be governed by the Finnish Trade Law. 

The shipping prices shown in the e-commerce only apply to mainland Finland. 

When placing an order, the customer is required to disclose their full contact details, which include at least the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the beauty student. The information required for business customers is the contact name, telephone number and e-mail, as well as the business ID, postal address, telephone number or numbers and, where applicable, the billing address. 

Estimated delivery times for outsourced products and maintenance are based on information provided by manufacturers and transportation companies. Vikira OY or its suppliers are not responsible for any delays caused by unforeseen changes beyond their control. The binding trade agreement will enter into force after the order is signed in to Vikira OY’s system. 

Products, Price List and Payment Methods

beautyoffice.eu webshop prices are exclusive of VAT, valid VAT included.  All prices are shown and all payments are processed in Euros. Prices do not include transportation.  If there are clear price errors in the price list, the product will not be sold at a clearly lower price if the customer can be assumed to have realized the error. The goods remain the property of the seller until the purchase price has been paid in full. 

E-commerce product range and prices may differ from cash on delivery product range and pricing. E-commerce prices are valid only in e-commerce. If the price of the product increases before the shipment is processed, the products ordered at beautyoffice.eu will be shipped with the original price. If an order is modified, the price of the product is determined by the price at the time of the change. When the price falls, we automatically deliver the product at a new lower price. 

The products are sold only under the terms of the acquisition. The introduction and use of products require professional expertise in their field. 

Business customers have the opportunity to apply for a billing customer. For more information on payment methods, visit our website or our customer service (+358) 401242297 or customer verkkokauppa@beautyoffice.eu

Unless otherwise specified, any discount codes are limited to one per customer. Promotional codes cannot be used with non-promotional products or combined with other promotional codes, unless otherwise stated. 

Placing an order

Add the desired products to your shopping basket to order them.  Fill in all of the required fields and choose the most suitable shipping method to complete the order.  The total cost is then displayed on the screen. This can be paid via an online bank transfer or using another payment method. 

The contract enters into force when the amount payable is transferred to the bank account of the online store. 

If we cannot deliver the ordered goods due to stock running out or for any other reason, the purchaser will be informed as soon as possible and the money paid (including the shipping cost) will be refunded promptly, but no later than within 14 days of receiving the notification. 

Online banking and card payments:

Maksekeskus AS acts as a payment broker and payment service provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Maksekeskus AS appear as the payee on the bank statement or card bill and will forward the payment to the merchant. Maksekeskus AS is licensed as a payment institution. In the event of a complaint, please contact the supplier first. 

Maksekeskus AS
Niine 11, Tallinn 10414, Eesti
Reg kood: 12268475
Tel: +372 5887 5115

Delivery Methods

The average processing time for your order is 1-3 business days after you submit your automatic order confirmation. 

Goods are shipped worldwide using postal service Posti.fi

The purchaser bears the shipping cost and the respective price information is displayed next to the shipping method. 

All shipments within Finland generally arrive at the destination specified by the purchaser within 3-7 business days of the date of entry into force of the contract of sale.  Baltics 1-2 working days, Nordic countries 2-5 working days, rest of Europe 3-7 working days and rest of the world 6-14 working days. 

The day of posting is not included.  Posti.fi is not liable of any delay which may be caused by the Customs procedures of the country of destination. 

Posti.fi have the right to ship goods in up to 45 calendar days in exceptional cases. 

Vikira OY shall not be obliged to reserve other products of the same order to the customer if one product is unavailable or delivery is delayed for reasons beyond the control of Vikira OY. Alternatively, the customer may accept either the delayed delivery of the product or the order / product cancellation.  

The customer is obliged to inspect the shipment within 14 days and to read the product instructions and terms of use prior to commissioning. 

The customer is responsible for the correctness of the contact information he / she has provided for delivery and billing. Unclaimed packages will be charged a round trip freight charge. 

Restrictions on the Post’s SmartPost service: The maximum size of the SmartPost post is 60 x 36 x 60 cm. Normally, almost all orders can be packed under the maximum size. However, if the parcel sent to the parcel terminal is too large due to the size of the order, the parcel will be delivered automatically to the nearest Post office. If you wish, you can contact beautyoffice.eu customer service in order to confirm the size of the shipment before delivery. 

Right of Refund

Professional products are sold only under the terms and conditions of the acquisition. 

In the acquisition, Vikira OY grants its products a voluntary return policy as follows:

All returns must be agreed in advance by contacting customer service. 

Products purchased from the store are granted a 14-day limited refund. The product must be unused and unopened in its original packaging. The employees of Vikira OY have the right to enter into separate written agreements with customers regarding different return terms. The details must be clearly recorded on the receipt. 

Products not used in distance selling have a 14 day return policy.  Product opening should be done with caution. Returns will be charged to the customer, unless the refund is clearly due to faulty product information or defective product. 

Restrictions on return policy:

Sealed products are non-returnable when the product package is opened. 

Hygiene and intimate products do not have a return right after opening the package because the product is not returned for sale due to its nature. Hygiene and intimate products include Cutting Knives, Wax Heaters, Scissors, Brushes, Combs, Cutting Machines and Trimmers, Hair Care Equipment, Epilators, Mascara, Electric Files, Drills and Blades. 

No return and / or cancellation right will be granted for a product that is specifically manufactured, ordered, or modified at the request of the purchaser after completion of work or purchase order for the product to be purchased for the customer. 

Returns must always be agreed in advance with customer service: verkkokauppa@beautyoffice.eu

The customer is obliged to keep the necessary copies of the return documents. The postal customer return parcel tracking ID is the only means of verifying delivery. 

Packaging is the responsibility of the shipper. The products must be carefully packed to avoid damage during transportation. Cushions should be placed around the products and product packaging. 

Vikira OY shall not be liable for damage caused by negligence or failure to comply with the terms of the contract. The cost of any error on the customer’s side will be charged to the customer. 

Vikira OY reserves the right to charge the Customer for any costs incurred if the Customer Return is made without due cause or in violation of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.  The customer will be charged for handling and shipping of Vikira OY. 

Vikira OY grants a limited 14 day return policy on standard stock products ordered by corporate customers.  The returned product must be unused and in unopened sales packaging. 

Upon receiving the returned goods, the online store shall return to the purchaser, immediately but no later than after 14 days, all of the payments received from the purchaser based on the contract. 

Warranty and Liability

Product and price information is provided with caution in case of spelling errors, stock situation, out-of-stock, possible technical errors, etc. 

If the wrong product has been delivered to the customer or the product is defective or damaged, the customer must immediately report the error to the email address: verkkokauppa@beautyoffice.eu

The warranty is governed by the manufacturer’s warranty terms. The purchaser is obliged to read the warranty terms included with the product before using the product. The warranty terms can be found in the operating instructions, in a separate warranty form or at the web address provided by the manufacturer. 

Vikira OY reserves the right to verify the defects in the products. Testing is not performed while waiting. This should always take 3-5 business days. 

The maintenance time estimate for the maintenance process in Finland is 5-15 business days. Some of the products sold at Vikira OY have to be shipped abroad for service, as there is no manufacturer-authorized service in Finland. In this case, the estimated maintenance process is 10-30 business days. 

The cost of an unnecessary maintenance visit will be borne in full by the purchaser if the product has been clearly delivered without warranty. Vikira OY shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the Buyer’s actions. Vikira OY retains the right to verify the nature and quality of any defects in the product even in the event of cancellation. Unnecessary maintenance costs include any service company costs, Vikira OY handling costs and logistical costs. 

Our service will keep the products for three (3) months after the customer has been notified of the completion of the service / work. The product is then recycled. (Trader Right to Sell Unclaimed Item)


The customer is obliged to present a proof of purchase, receipt or other proof of the place and date of purchase at the time of return or when claiming defective goods. Vikira OY reserves the right to charge the buyer the costs of searching the receipt. 

Complaints will only be handled in writing. Free-form complaints can be sent either by letter or email to verkkokauppa@beautyoffice.eu

The agent of the carrier must be able to determine the damage if the consignment is damaged in transit – in practice, the consignee must refuse to accept the damaged consignment or take photographic evidence of the damage. 

Distribution of Responsibility in a Merger

Products and services are always sold as they are. Vikira OY shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential costs or loss of income resulting from any defect and / or use of the products or services. Vikira OY’s liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. Liability for defective products is limited to the possible refund of the purchase price less the operating benefit. 

The warranty period for a commercially used device is governed by the manufacturer’s warranty terms, and the expiration of the warranty period shall terminate Vikira OY’s liability. Physically opening the product to modify the device terminates the warranty and the seller’s liability, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. 

Vikira OY reserves the right to direct business customers directly to the manufacturer or its authorized service representative. 

Our Service will keep the Products for three (3) months after notice to Customer is complete. The product is then recycled. 

Vikira OY shall have no obligation to perform the Agreement if it encounters a force majeure that it cannot reasonably overcome. Vikira OY shall not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by the customer in case of force majeure and shall be entitled to cancel the contract. 

By submitting an order and / or request for a quote, the customer unquestionably accepts the terms and conditions of Vikira OY. Possible purchase terms of the contract or the terms of the contract passed to third-party services used by the customer are not complied with, when they are in conflict Vikira OY with the terms of the contract. 

We want our customers to be satisfied with our business. In the event of problems with your product or order, please contact our customer service, regardless of any restrictions on the delivery terms. We will try our best to resolve any potential issues with a mutually acceptable solution, despite any restrictions on the delivery terms.